Daily Structure

Hi everyone - well I think we are sort of getting used to the new resections.  I know they will be very difficult for some but we know we are all doing it to help each other and to keep each other safe.  We are also hoping to reduce pressure on our NHS and core staff so that is also important!

We hope you are all managing to get what you need while still remembering to go nowhere if you have symptoms and to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face when out and about and keep a safe distance from other people.

But physical distance doesn't mean friendships, relationships, neighbourliness and kindness to strangers can't continue - it definitely can.  Lets all remember to to keep connecting in every way possible.  Even a smile and a wave can go a long way to helping each other.

One thing we did want to mention today is the importance of building some structure into your day, if you haven't already.

Maybe decide on a wake up, time to be dressed and ready by, maybe a time to go for a short walk if you can as well as a few small tasks to complete - write them down so you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off!

Then see if there are other things you can join in on, friendship calls to others perhaps, and if you are digital there's some great stuff on line.  Go to our Facebook page to access lots of other resources and activities.

Remember, you are not alone and we can all get through this together.

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