Topic for Today - CHALENGE ONE - LET’S TALK

Let’s Talk (Positive and Honest Talking & Sharing is fantastic for our Mental Health)

Beautifully simple - just pick someone you haven’t spoken to for a while but has been a good friend in the past and give them a call…. 

Just take a moment to think - is there anyone you have sort of lost touch with but would really like to talk to, and who you think would appreciate your call.  It could be an old school friend, an ex neighbour even a family member.  We lose touch for all kinds of reasons but the range and richness of our connections and friendships in this world helps to keep us grounded and connected.  It is good for our wellbeing and in reaching out to others we are offering them our support and kindness too. You could suggest a walk in a local park or in the countryside or even sit in the garden (if you have one) to take advantage of how nature can also work to help us feel calmer and more relaxed.

Sometimes you might feel a little awkward.  Perhaps it is a very long time since you spoke, months and sometimes years can pass and that can feel like a big gap has opened.  But we know from experience that this time can simply melt away when we hear from someone we like or even love.  We don’t care about the days that have passed between us, we care about the reconnection we are making.  At a practical level you can help relieve any tension by thinking about a simple opening question and maybe two or three things you would like to share with the other person.

“Hi, its xxxx, I was just thinking about you, how long it is since we last spoke and how I’s love to know how you are.  How have you been, what’s been going on for you?”

You don’t have to talk for long, this is about re-connecting, now you are chatting again you can arrange another call or join up on Facebook or WhatsApp or even send a lovely old style letter!

What if they aren’t there?
If you get a message service, don’t lose heart, leave a short message and say you’ll call back 

“Hi, it’s xxx xx, it’s been a while since we spoke and I was thinking of you and decided to call, I’ll ring back or you can call me if you get chance”

What if the number doesn’t work anymore?
If you call and the number is no longer recognised you might feel disappointed or sad.  You can try some other ways to get in touch though, reach out to other people you know who know them, and see if you can get their new details.  You can search on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram?  Or if you have their last address you could send a letter or card.
But if that connection is lost can we encourage you to think of someone else and give them a go?

A group of friends and family to offer you support, advice, laughter makes all the difference in a life, and can be the best thing if you are a little down or struggling.  And you can be that same support to others, helping them through the tough times, be there, listening and offering your support.

Now here’s the tough one
What if when you think about it, there isn’t anyone you can or want to reach out to.  What if you have very few, or even no friends right now.   Sadly, because of the way our society has come to operate, many people feel alone or isolated and many people report a lack of friends in their lives.  This is so difficult for any of us, we are social creatures and we want and need friends and networks to get us through and keep our spirits up.

Call us!
So if you can’t think of anyone to call, can you please call us.  We have people who would like to share their time with you and be your friend and we think you would be great at being a friend and maybe offering your time to someone else once you’re in the swing of things.

If you want to please post on our Facebook page to say who you spoke to and how it went

Now the final bit of the challenge is that if you have enjoyed the process and can afford it (please don’t give us money that you need for other things) then please donate via our website and Virgin Money page to help us keep reaching out and building a more connected, caring, creative and kind world for us all.  

Ok, well that’s it for today’s Challenge - See you tomorrow…..

Stay Safe Well, Creative, Connected and KIND!

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