What’s Going On at H&ED Mind

Topic for Today - What’s Going On at H&ED Mind

H&ED Mind exists to support individuals, organisations and the communities in which they are based, to build and enhance their collective wellbeing and resilience while simultaneously responding to individual distress and the impact of trauma and social injustice on their lives. 

COVID-19 has had a major impact on all our lives but here at Mind we continue to ensure we are offering people the support they need, building the right solutions around, for and with them.

At the beginning of this week we finalised a re-work on our current offer and what we have written below is what you can expect from us over the next weeks (unless things change of course, which they might in the current situation, so do stay in touch)

We are offering:

Practical advice, information and activities through our web site




and Facebook pages:     

Hartlepool and East Durham Mind

Mindskills Recovery College

If you need to talk, then please call us - 01429 2693030

Our offices are staffed 9 till 5 each week day

Once you've had a chance to explain what’s going on we can decide the best way forward, together!

1. Let’s just Talk - a one off conversation to find out what’s going on, how you’re feeling and what might be the best way forward
2. Let’s Connect - organising a regular slot to stay in touch and see how things are going
3. Let’s Find Out More - speaking to a counsellor/therapist to explore in more detail if you are really struggling right now
You can also call us if you are worried about someone else - that’s is a fine thing to do to put your mind at ease and get some advice.

If it’s about work

If you are a young person (30 or below) we have a special coaching and support programme to help you where-ever you are, towards applying for and securing work

If you are over 30 and really struggling with this issue right now, you are also welcome to call and we will try and give you the help you need

If it’s about your welfare, money, benefit, etc.

If part of the difficulties you are currently dealing with include worries or concerns about money, benefits, debt, housing or your general living situation then please call and we will try and offer practical advice and support

Getting there Together

We are only part of the big Hartlepool community of people and organisations working together to keep us all well, safe and thriving.  We will also do everything we can to connect you to other groups or people who might also be able to help and support you.  As part of this process we also encourage everyone to also think about who you can help and what you can offer your community at this time.  Together, we can get through this!

Partners and Other Organisations

We really want to help everyone have better conversations and enable us all to get through this difficult time.  That means we all need to work together and offer each other kindness and support at this time. 

If you are an organisation whose team is struggling lets work together to put extra support in place.

If your team need support to talk to their clients and customers about mental wellbeing then we want to work with you. 

Please call the main number and let’s get the conversation moving…


We are also working in direct partnership with other organisations to help bring resources into the area and ensure we take care of our community and building all of our capacity to a better post COVID-19 world.  As a founder member of C.H.A.T. (Communities of Hartlepool Alongside & Together) we will help in what ever ways we can and, in turn, need your support to keep going and being her long into the future.  This includes building a Mutual Aid movement, effectively sharing important information, trying to get technology, skills and data into our poorest communities, encouraging everyone to create their own Safety Plan and building the right solutions as this situation evolves.

And finally- we want to hear from you. 

If there is something you need but can’t see here then please call and ask the question - if we can, we will!

Ok, well those are our thoughts for today!

Take care, stay safe, well, kind, creative and connected!

Don’t go out if we don’t absolutely need to (i.e. for food basics), keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around us.  Keep smiling, waving and talking.  Wash hands and avoid touching faces when out and about. 

Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives. 

If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

Look forward to speaking again soon!

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