Winter Well-Being

Many people during the month of January may be feeling down and less happy with the shorter and colder days. This is normal and something many people tackle each year. Though many people may be wondering how they will get through the month of January if they are struggling and unsure what they can do to help themselves. Here are different ways that can help beat the winter blues and promote your mental health.


Spending time with loved ones

It is important that we surround ourselves with the people we care about and vice versa. This boosts our mood and has a positive impact on our mental health.


Many people may be going through difficult times in January may be dealing with bereavement or the anniversary of a death of a loved one. Reaching out to those who may need some company or just someone to chat with can positively impact people.

When we are feeling low, reaching out and talking to people that care about us can make a massive difference.  Even if it’s just for a catch-up or for some company.

The people that care about you want to know if anything is bothering you and how they can help, they might even offer advice in order to help you feel better.


Listening to music

The difference listening to music can change your mood drastically.  According to NorthShore University Health System, there are many health benefits of music. Some of these include it elevates mood. Listening to music boosts the brain's production of the hormone dopamine, which helps relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. It also reduces stress and relieves symptoms of depression.

It can really help to listen to music, depending on what you fancy at the time and what music you are into. Bonus if you have a quiet space and or your own headphones, so you can just relax and just immerse yourself in the music. 


Get Physical

It's important for both your mental health and physical health to get exercise daily.  But who said getting exercise can’t be fun?  You could for a walk around the park, dance in the house or even join a fitness class.

There are so many options of what you could do to get physical and you should pick something that you enjoy
and something you will feel motivated to do.


Give time to yourself

Everyone needs their alone time and time for themselves to just have time away from other people. Not in a bad way of course, but especially after a long day of work and being around loads of people daily, sometimes we just need space to recharge.

Ways you can spend time with yourself could include reading a book, soaking in the bath, listening to music,
playing with your pet or even just watching a film or TV show.


The list is endless with what you could get up to alone. But make sure to take some time to yourself, it can have many benefits to our mental health giving ourselves the time alone.  Sometimes being around people a lot can be overwhelming and you should always keep in mind your feelings.


Try something new

You might be someone who has been planning to try something new like a new recipe or a new craft but has never had made the time to.

Now is the time. Whatever that may be, take the time to crack on and do whatever you are interested in doing.

You may pick up a new skill through trying something out or you might not like what you have tried, but by trying something new can help boost your mood and make you feel good after giving a new task a go.

Now you have some different ways to promote your mental health.  Don’t forget to prioritize your mental health and make the effort for your mental health and do what is best for yourself.


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