Involving individuals and communities in mental health support and wellbeing

Our Values

Improving people’s lives

Hartlepool & East Durham Mind's overarching goal is to improve the lives of everyone with whom we come into contact:


  • By collaborating with clients in their recovery from emotional distress. 
  • By working from the context of individuals’ lives – because each person’s history, their living & working environment and their current relationships & circumstances are the most important determinants of mental wellbeing. 
  • By supporting and caring for our staff so that they enjoy making a meaningful contribution to the organisation’s goals. 
Connection and community

We recognise the profound human need for connection with other people and take practical steps to assist clients to develop the skills and opportunities to make connections. We aim to create the conditions within communities in which positive and respectful human interaction can occur. We aim to create the conditions for staff to become part of a collaborative work community.

Respect and compassion

We recognise that the quality of every human interaction affects mutual wellbeing and each person’s need for autonomy. We aim to be respectful, compassionate and non-judgemental in our work with clients and work partners – accepting people in themselves rather than working from preconceptions based on labels which are routinely assigned to people experiencing emotional distress. Likewise we aim to cultivate a respectful and compassionate workplace.

    Collaborative working

    We work alongside clients – so that the decisions made in planning for recovery are made in partnership. This involves listening carefully so that clients’ views and preferences inform the recovery process. Clients are encouraged and enabled to co-produce services, such as training courses.

    Our staff are consulted and share in decisions about how Starfish works to meet clients’ and staff needs.

    Commitment to quality

    We aim to continuously improve the quality of our services by measuring, reflecting on and getting feedback on how we are performing. We use accredited quality management systems. We aim to provide the best possible working environment and support for staff.


      People differ in their ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs, physical and cognitive capacities & personalities. We aim to ensure that none of these characteristics affect how we treat one another, whether with clients or between colleagues.


      We will do everything necessary to ensure the safety of clients, staff and volunteers – by managing the possible risks according to best practice.

      Environmental awareness

      We recognise the need to minimise our environmental impact by recycling, minimising energy consumption and procuring to reduce waste and avoid obsolescence.