Well Aware Conference

Hello Everyone.

We were so sorry to have to cancel the Well Aware Conference scheduled for the 24th of March.

As you are aware COVID 19 has disrupting all kinds and types of events and at this time we are still unsure as to when we will be able to bring this particular conference together

However, the subject of the conference continues to occupy us and this is a conversation that needs to happen, so we have been talking to lots of people and getting involved in numerous other groups and activities to learn and share more in preparation for when we can all be together again, face to face.

Physical Distance not Social Distance

Can we also take this opportunity to raise awareness of the potential impact of on-going requirements of the virus, reduced social contact, mask wearing, etc. We are campaigning hard to stop the over use of "social distancing" as a term. We need to maintain a “physical distance” to protect people, but we must deepen and extend our social connections so that we do not feel alone in this, and do not leave anyone behind. 

We have amazing resources and capacity in each other.  Love and kindness are vital in this situation, please use every possible method to connect safely with one another.  Please don't use the "social distancing" term if you can avoid it, reschedule rather than cancel, and if you have to cancel, please direct people to other options that are still available.

I am attaching a link to Maff Potts speaking at the 2019 Meaning Conference, if you can't see him in person, then at least you can get a flavour of the man from this.

Please watch, enjoy and join the Camerados

And finally, please stay in touch and use the Hartlepool Mind web site, facebook and Twitter accounts to find out about continuing services - we may be doing things a little differently but we will not be closing! we will continue to be here for those who need us and to offer practical help and support. 

Sending love and best wishes to you all

An event exploring wellbeing for all, alternatives to current crisis services for those in distress and how we can all build kinder and more "Well Aware" communities.


Maff Potts of the Camerados will be speaking, alongside others with a range of relevant experiences. There will then be time for everyone to share their understanding and ideas towards practical ways to build well being for all and the best ways to support ourselves and others through the most difficult times.


EVENT NOW FULLY BOOKED - But presentations from the day will be available on this site after the event, along with a report of findings and any agreed future actions


Tue, 24 March 2020

10:00 – 15:00 GMT



Hartlepool College of Further Education

Stockton Street


TS24 7NT