Topic for Today - “Let’s Connect”


As we mentioned earlier Hartlepool and East Durham Mind has been very successful recently in secured extra resources to help us keep working and supporting those around us. Among others The Big Lottery have been great, offering money to ensure help is available in lots of different ways and enabling us to work with more people to help each other.

Key Messages:

We continue to provide one to one support and assistance to those needing to talk about challenges in their lives right now “Let’s Talk”.

We are running multiple “Peer Groups”both in our buildings (COVID-19 measures) and on line.

We are going even further to “Connect”with other organisations and agencies to ensure we can all work together and that means everyone gets the best support and information available.  From money advice to physical health, concerns about relationships to difficulties with housing, if you are struggling right now, feeling things are just so hard please give us a call.  First we listen, then we work with you and whoever else appropriate to work out a practical way forward.  We can’t work miracles, but together we can start to make a difference and remember, we are here for the long run.  Mind has been operating in Hartlepool for nearly twenty years, our head, heart and hands are here with you.

We are encouraging and supporting as many people as possible to get together and help each other right across Hartlepool.  With a dedicated worker supporting “mutual aid”we want to nurture anyone with ideas to work with their friends, colleagues or neighbours to help one another (in literally any way you can imagine) so please get in touch if you think you’d like to talk.

We are working with other organisations and agencies across the town, offering a learning programme that builds confidence amongst us all to “Talk to One Another”and to help one another when in distress. This is a programme built on understanding distress as a natural human response to challenging situations and experiences, aiming not to label people but to be alongside, them offering compassion and kindness.

We are extending and developing our “Peer Support Team”of individuals willing to offer their time and energy to help others deal with some of the difficulties we are all experiencing, listening, sharing, caring and encouraging toward positive change.  If you would like to offer your time and energy and think you could also benefit from being part of this team then please get in touch.

And that is only some of what we are doing - check out the rest of the website or call us to find out more.

Ok, well that’s us for today - Speak soon…

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in future blog posts, but most of all Stay Safe, Well, Creative, Connected and KIND!


Please reduce contact with those you don’t know where possible, wear a mask/face covering when in shops, keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around (more if someone is running or cycling) but remember to keep smiling, waving and talking.

Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching faces when out and about. 

Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives. 

If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

If you have any other health concerns please do call your doctors, they are still open and you are not “bothering” them if you need to speak about something going on for you right now. COVID-19 is a terrible thing but other health problems are also a priority - call your GP and check it out!

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