Tips for looking after your Mental Health when using social media

Social media can help people connect with each other and keep up to date with what is happening around the world, but it also is quite harmful to individuals. Comparing yourself to others or developing a social media addiction, can cause a negative impact on your mental health.

According to Statista, as of January 2021, there were 53 million active social media users, which is 77.9 percent of the population in the UK.

That’s a lot of people using social media. Many people may not realise the negative impacts high usage of social media can have. Here are some ways how you can look after your mental health when using social media.


Remove people

Have you got people you got on your friend list who you haven’t seen in ages, maybe aren’t friends anymore, or have no interest in their account? Probably best to remove them, no need to have loads of friends on Facebook, unless you want to keep in contact with them. The same can apply to pages and businesses. Keep people who matter to you and care about you and the other way round too.

Turning notifications off

This one is a good one for those who are easily distracted once they receive a text or notifications while working or studying, so you don’t get distracted as much. As well, it can really help to turn off your notifications while working or studying, so you don’t get distracted as much. As well, it can allow give yourself time for your mental and emotional
space for what’s happening in reality.

Take breaks

It is very important not to be on social media too much during the day. You need to ensure that you spend time away from the computer or phone screens, especially because you don’t want to strain your eyes. You indulge in a lot of different kinds of information via social media, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Sometimes spending too much time on social media can make us forget about reality and make it harder for us to part from our devices.

Set limitations


This will probably be most helpful for those who spend way too much on social media each day and or struggle to set their phones down. In your settings for iPhone and also Android, you can set app limits where you can spend a certain amount on apps each day. This can help people addicted to social media to reduce how long they can access social media as after the time on the particular app is over, it won’t let you access the app for the rest of the day. You never know, with the increased time to spare with the limitations, can make more time to do more during the day.


Realise that not everything you see is reality


Celebrities are notorious for posting photoshopped and filtered images of themselves, to ensure they look their best. However, this can be very damaging to young people, who don’t always realise that most of the time their favourite celebrity doesn’t actually look like the same image they post on social media. It is important people don’t believe they have to look like someone they see on social media.

At first it may be challenging to adapt to new habits on your usage on social media, but once you get into the swing and habit of reducing and making yourself more aware of the reality of social media, this can lift your mood and make more time for engaging in the real world. It’s very important to protect our mental health and ensure we set ourselves limits when accessing social media. It's worth it in the long run.

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