Challenge Five - Let’s Do Something Fabulous (Doing something for someone else) 

So, while it is definitely fabulous, this is also a very serious challenge. In doing something for someone else (a proper kindness, not an easy drop) we do two things: we make a real connection (a true sense of friendship) and we find purpose (a reason for being who we are and being a part of this world)
And, as Maff Potts of the Camerados says “Friendship and Purpose is what it’s all about”

And when we have friendship, connections, meaning and purpose, our wellbeing levels are high.  
But it also means that when the bad times hit, we have friends, camerados and mates we can ask for help, and when they are having tough times we play our part to help get them through too! To really support our mental health and wellbeing we need to reach out to become part of a community of people, in lots of different places and in lots of different ways.

We can be part of a community in our family, on our street with our neighbours, where we work, learn or spend leisure time, from when we were at school or with parents from where our children go to school. These groups of people are not accessories to our lives, they are the people that make our lives meaningful. For every single one of us, when we think about the days that have really mattered in our lives we know they were the days filled with the people we love doing, the things we love.

By reaching out today you are reminding yourself of how important being part of those networks is for you and your wellbeing, as well as reminding yourself of the importance of mutual aid, giving back, helping others, and accepting help when you need it.

So, as we said, we think today, in the most important of challenges. Please do something for someone else, look around and try and see if you can spot someone who is struggling or maybe someone who is always doing things for others, try and work out what it is that you could do that might really make a difference to them.  It really isn’t about big gestures, it’s about doing something that is special and relevant to that person or that family. It might be a bit of a challenge in Lockdown but we know you can do it… 
And of course, please tell us what you did and what happened, if there are pictures as well, that would be great!

Now the final bit of the challenge is that if you have enjoyed the process and can afford it (please don’t give us money that you need for other things) then please donate via our Virgin Money page to help us keep reaching out and building a more connected, caring, creative and kind world for us all.

Ok, well that’s our final Challenge of the week, but it’s not really over!  We would like to challenge you to keep this going. Keep doing all these great things that help you and those around you care for your wellbeing and look after each other. Lets make these Challenges last all year and lets really appreciate those around us and the wonderful natural world we all get to share.

Stay Safe Well, Creative, Connected and KIND!

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